I Was Doing $30,000 A Month On Amazon And Then…

Here’s what happened

I had a product I was selling on Amazon that had benefited me in life quite a bit. I had no idea how much in demand this product was. Everyday the sales were increasing. I had to jump through hoops just to keep up with the demand. Up to this point in my career I had been running around to trade shows and fairs selling my product and doing pretty well. Trade shows and fairs are actually fun, as there is good music, people are in a good mood and you get to see exhibitors with all kinds of new and interesting products.

The $30,000 a month online kind of dwarfed my fair sales even though at the fairs it was substantial enough. It sure beat working for someone else for a living and I loved what I was doing.

I had a yearly appointment with my Doctor who tested me from A to Z. One test was a heart test on a treadmill. The average they tested people was three to four minutes on the treadmill for most. I lasted 15 seconds and was winded. My Doctor immediately sent me to another part of the hospital to do an angiogram. They stick these wires in you which go up to the heart and see if there are blockages going to your heart.

I flatlined during the procedure. I could hear everything going on in the room and them coaxing me back to life. I came back after they jolted me with electrodes. Next, back to the Doctor for my results. Four out of Five of my arteries to the heart were 99% blocked. The “Widow Maker”, the main big artery in the middle was the only one not blocked. The Widow Maker when blocked tends to cause those fatal heart attacks.

Three days later I’m in surgery having a quadruple bypass. Meanwhile I had arranged with my brother to fill the orders that came in from Amazon until I was back in circulation…little did I know!

The Heart operation was a success. I spent a few days in the hospital and was recuperating at my nieces house in Sacramento. Around the seventh day at my nieces house I started talking very weird and not making sense. My nieces husband was a nurse and recognized something was very wrong. 911 was called and I was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Strangely enough the hospital could find nothing wrong with me and sent me back to my nieces house in an ambulance. My nieces husband, the nurse, was livid and got in the ambulance and road back to the hospital with me. This time he made sure the Doctor understood there was a definite problem. Turns out my colon had exploded, sepsis had set in and I was near death.

Surgery followed very quickly. They had to take my colon out and meticulously piece it together and put it back in. I was in a coma for 3 weeks and when I came out of the coma I found a bag on my stomach. I had a colostomy. I went in the hospital in June and it was September before I went home.

Here’s something the Doctors told me when I was leaving. They said the reason people die frequently in hospitals is not so much from the procedure they have, but the fact that no one comes to visit them!!! My niece and my girlfriend and friends were frequent visitors during my ordeal. I owe them and the Grace Of God my life.

Meanwhile during this four month ordeal my brother got totally overwhelmed with the Amazon sales and couldn’t keep up. As a result Amazon shut us down after a few negative comments. There was no phone number to call at Amazon to make any kind of arrangement. It was a done deal. This has happened to quite a few people I know.

Today I’m happy, joyous and free. The product I sold on Amazon was an arch support. Today I have two web sites that I sell my arch support from and do very well with it. Trying to sell something just to make money is hard to do. If you love what you are doing the money will come. My wish for you is you find something you are passionate about. God speed. My best to you, Michael Cohen.



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